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Product description

The MaGOLD particles are composed of magnetic beads coated with a gold shell, which are subsequently functionalized to bind molecules of biological interest.

The particles show excellent chemical stability, magnetic properties and an intense surface plasmon resonance in the visible-NIR region.

The average particle size is about 2-3 µm for the MaGOLD 2.5 and 500 nm for the MaGOLD 500 with a narrow size distributions. Nanoparticles can be conjugated with thiol-terminated polyethylene glycol containing di­fferent terminal functional groups, including amine, carboxyl, azido and biotin.


The main advantages of the MaGOLD technology with respect to the other commercial magnetic beads are 1) faster separation time, 2) High chemical stability, inertness and biocompatibility, 3) Possibility to tune the density of functional groups on the surface and 4) Possibility to have different functional groups on the same nanoparticle.


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