f-Reactor classic complete kit (1.8ml*5)
가격문의(상세정보 참조)

Designed by chemists and engineers from within the Institute of Process Research and Development at the University of Leeds, the fReactor Classic is simple to assemble and modify, making it suitable for a wide range of continuous-flow processes. 

fReactor Classic includes 5 x Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) of 1.8 mL volume each.

Heating and mixing are provided by a standard magnetic hotplate stirrer and fluidic pumps (e.g. HPLC, syringe, peristaltic, gear) are used to drive the reagents around the modules.

Integrating the efficiency of pipe-flow processing with the advanced mixing of a CSTR, the fReactor Classic delivers a general “plug-and-play” setup which is well-suited to multiphasic reactions; allowing chemists to explore continuous-flow processing, with little expertise required.

fReactor isn’t just about the hardware; we also offer a dedicated website to help you get started with flow chemistry, and with setting up your fReactor module/s: https://www.freactor.com/


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